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January Drug of the Month: Differin 0.1% gel

This month's blog post is featuring a common OTC skin product. Contributing to this research with the pharmacist is one of our future pharmacy students.

Drug of the Month, January 2020: Differin 1% gel

Manufacturers: Galderma

Indications: Acne vulgaris

How it works: Differin works by slowing down the progression of acne. The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but it is suggested that Differin normalizes the differentiation, when one cell type changes to another, of follicular epithelial cells resulting in decreased the formation of microcomedones of clogged hair follicles when used topically.

How to use it:

  1. Gently wash the affected skin and pat dry.

  2. For gel or cream - Use your fingers to spread a thin layer of medication over the affected area.

  3. After applying the adapalene, you may feel a slight warmth or stinging in the place that you applied the adapalene which is normal and should go away on its own after a short while.

Management: Differin should be applied to the affected areas once daily at night time.

Adverse Effects: Most common adverse effects include dryness, scaling, burning, redness, and itching. These are most likely to occur during the first 2 to 4 weeks of using this.

Precautions: Exposure to sunlight should be limited during use of Differin or use sunscreen.


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