Pharmacists' hands


“Thanks for helping me save money and having a great mail service. Very happy with the service.”

Christine L.

“Excellent customer service. Thank you for all you do at Sun. I got my RX’s so fast.”

Debra S.

“Pharmacy called my Doctor to get a change in the size of my medication (grams), saved me almost $200. Very pleasant, fast, courteous staff.”

Adrian W.

“Without Sun Pharmacy, I could not afford my drug. Erin was kind, knowledgeable, and helpful.”

Kelly L.

“Very responsive and professional. Great customer service. Awesome job answering all of my questions. Bre has been very helpful and understanding with all of my questions. Thank you, Sun Pharmacy!”

Carrie M.

"Sun Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies I've been to. The staff is super friendly and does a great job of explaining my medication in ways I can understand. I also love that they'll mail me my refills, which helps save me a ton of time."

Daniel B.

“Best pharmacy I have ever used! I was so impressed, the minute I walked out of the Doctor’s office.. They were calling for my information. The delivery service is so helpful and Erin had great customer service.”

Pamela H.

“Amazing cost. Helpful, sweet, great experience. Thank you! Service is so quick.”

Jennifer P.

  “Thank you for processing and filling my prescription so fast!”

Jennifer W.

“I was blown away that they offer free delivery through a courier service!”

Karen W.

“As an RN, it’s really important to have questions and verify things. Thank you for answering my questions and being patient with me. We always get our RX’s on time. Sun Pharmacy is always so helpful. Thank you!”

Christine M.

“We had super fast, informative service. All employees were very attentive and knowledgeable.”

Pamela R.